The Best Hanukkah Games For All Ages

Oh yeah buddy, Hanukkah’s approaching. Hanukkah: everyone in the world’s favorite Jewish holiday. The Holiday for family time around warm Menorah lights and the sight of glistening snow (or better yet, no snow) while munching into a jelly-spilling doughnut.

Looking for fun games to play to spend precious quality time and laughs together with family?
Below we’ve listed our Hanukkah favorites.

The INSANE Dreidel Game, a classic Hanukkah game that everyone is sure to enjoy. As well as, Decorating Hanukkah Donuts, because what is Hanukkah without donuts? We also  Hanukkah Story Time, a hilarious twist on telling the typical story, for all ages. And of course, Edible Dreidels, a delicious treat and fun food craft.

Happy Hanukkah!

The INSANE Dreidel Game:

Okay firstly, get your competitive hat, your smile, and your confidence ON. DreidelGet ready to laugh (and hopefully not cry if you lose).

What you’ll need:

A Dreidel
15 equal coins per person (or chocolate coins, but we all know it’s wilder with real money)

How to play:

Each player receives 15 coins and places one in the middle (the pot) to start. Take turns spinning the dreidel. Depending on what Hebrew letter you land- that determines what you have to do. It’s that simple.

Chocolate GeltDreidel landing options:
There are 4 letters on a Dreidel and they are: Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Shin. They are an acronym for the Hebrew phrase “Nes gadol haya sham” in English, “A great miracle happened there”.

If you land on a NUN (נ) you do NOTHING
(coming from the Yiddish word nisht that starts with a NUN. Nothing, in English.)

If you land on a GIMMEL (ג) you get EVERYTHING
(coming from the Yiddish word gantz that starts with a gimmel. Everything, in English.)

If you land on a HEY ( ה ) you get HALF the pot (if it’s uneven- you get the bigger half) (coming from the Yiddish word halb that starts with a HEY. Half, in English.)

If you land on a SHIN (ש) put ALL IN
(coming from the Yiddish word shtel that starts with a SHIN. Put in, in English. )

The game ends when someone wins all coins.  Good luck!

Some background on the Dreidel Game:

The Jewish people invented the game back in the day when Greek King Antiochus IV was in rule. King Antiochus had banned any Jew to learn Torah wanting as a result the Jews to suffer terribly, unable to practice their faith.
The Jewish people however would let nothing stop them from continuing to serve the One Above. And so therefore in hiding, they would learn the Holy Torah and practice Judaism.
Whenever Greek soldiers would come and check up on them- the Jewish people quickly hid their books and instead replaced them with dreidels playing the very same game we play today- the Dreidel Game.

To read more about the story of how the Jewish people were ultimately victorious over the Greeks click here.

Decorating Hanukkah Donuts:

What you’ll need:

Jelly Donut
Blue Icing
Yellow Icing


DonutOn a clear surface place your jelly donut and the two bowls of icing.
Pour the white icing into a piping bag with a small tip. Draw 8 lines diagonally from the center branching out, into a Menorah.
With the Yellow Icing draw dots (lights) above the blue lines.
And there you have your Menorah.
For additional decoration feel free to add colored sprinkles on the Menorah as well as any treats that you prefer.

Once made, enjoy eating with family and friends.
Oh, but first, don’t forget to snap a pic.

Hanukkah Story Time:

This one’s an all-time favorite. It’s especially great at a Hanukkah party, for families and friends of all ages. It’s full of laughs and scares.

What you’ll need:Flashlight

Pictures of the Hanukkah story, printed
Hanukkah costume

How to Play:

1. Hang up around the room different scenes of the Hanukkah story (easily found on google). They should be hung out of order and all in creative places (the roof? Someone’s back? A door?)
2. Grandpa, (or another family member with an equally booming voice, and a knack for storytelling) dresses in a Hanukkah mask and cloak.
3. Turn the lights OUT and close the blinds. The room should be completely dark with everyone seated either on chairs, or if children, on the floor.
4. Using the flashlight to feature the picture, Grandpa tells the Hanukkah story and flashes the bright light from picture to picture as he goes.

The story telling continues until the last picture is described.

One of the reasons this game is so great is because it tells the Hanukkah story in an exciting, interactive way. Most don’t know the miracles that occurred on Hanukkah and once they learn about how great their Jewish ancestors were- it gives Jewish families a real sense of Jewish pride and unity.

Edible Dreidels:

Edible Dreidels

Making edible dreidels is an all-time favorite for the little ones.  They’re a fun activity to make together, and of course very hard to not already eat before you make them! They can also double as a beautiful table decoration at a Hanukkah party or dinner. You choose. Here’s how to make the heavenly edible dreidels.

What you’ll need:

5 Marshmallow
5 Chocolate Chip
2 tbsp of Marshmallow Fluff
5 Pretzel Stick
6oz Chocolate, melted


Using a knife spread the Marshmallow fluff at the bottom of the marshmallow and glue the chocolate chip to it upside down. You want the chocolate chips pointy end at bottom (to give the dreidel a real good spin).
Next, at the top, carefully insert the pretzel stick deep in the marshmallow to give the spinning dreidel a handle.
Leave the dreidel to rest as you melt the chocolate.
Once melted, holding the pretzel of the dreidel, gently dip your marshmallow base into the chocolate to fully coat.
Repeat the chocolate coating with all 5 and leave to dry for about half an hour, or until the chocolate is completely hardened.

We hope you find these games useful and enjoy at your Hanukkah party.

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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate these ideas. I’m having a Hannukah get-together tomorrow and wanted to add a little fun.

  2. Loved the Hannukah story game, we used it and had such a blast!! And my dad, Grandpa (zaida) actually was the narrator and it was hilarious!! Thanks!

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