The Top 10 Perfect Jewish Gift Ideas On Amazon

Somewhere saved on our phones we all need a list of the perfect gift ideas, because let’s face it, gift giving comes up way more than we would like. Especially with all the Jewish parties- we all know gifts can get a little out of hand.

Oh, wouldn’t it be so much simpler if you could just tap ‘order’ on Amazon instead of rack your brain and Google every time you have to give a gift?

Bat Mitzvah? Bar Mitzvah? Wedding? Baby Party? You name it, they’re endless.

Here we list the 10 best Jewish gifts on Amazon for all ages. We hope this helps you end your predicament.

1. Star of David Necklace

Star of David Necklace$49.99
Buy now on Amazon.

The perfect gift for a Bat Mitzvah girl, or any woman truthfully. It’s a nice gift for a new Mom that just gave birth, a Jewish friend, a sister, a Grandmother, a sweet gift to your mother in law… you can get creative. Yes, just about everyone would appreciate this delicate piece of symbolic jewelry.

This beautiful necklace comes nicely packaged and even has Prime.

2. Hand Made Mezuzah Case

Buy now on Amazon.

A Mezuzah (the protective scroll posted on the house of a Jewish door) is one of the first things a practicing Jewish house will want when moving into a house. So, if you have a family friend or relative that just moved into a new house- one of the nicest, most practical and ideal gifts to get them would be a Mezuzah Case.

Or if you’re invited to a house-warming party and want a really nice gift to bring along (yes besides those great cookies you make), this is a fantastic idea.

3. Kippahs

Kippahs 6$30.00
Buy now on Amazon.

This 6-piece funky Kippah set is a thoughtful gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy. A Bar Mitzvah is the huge celebration when a boy turns 13 years old and transforms, according to Judaism, from a boy to a man (and then returns to 7th grade the next day). It is a major event in the boy, as well as his whole extended families, life. It’s the type of occasion that’s never forgotten.

Fun and chic, these Kippahs are also a nice addition to a suit for going to the synagogue. It’s a practical, useful present that a Jewish boy or man can keep and treasure (and wear) forever.

4. The New York Times Jewish Cookbook

NYT Jewish Cookbook$40.00
Buy now on Amazon.

Any Jewish Mother would appreciate this! Choose The NYT Jewish cookbook as the right gift to give girlfriends, aunts, cousins, a host family, or even a Jewish man that enjoys being in the kitchen.

With Jewish cuisine from all over the world, this cookbook brings classic and traditional Kosher foods to a new level. From dishes like Gefilta Fish to Kashka Varnishkas, this cookbook just about brings you everything.

5. Wissotzky Ebony Tea Chest

Wissotzky Tea Chest$35.00
Buy now on Amazon.

Now, who can argue with a tea chest? We’d all like a tea selection to just whip out for when we have guests over (especially of the English variety) and impress the lot. Add fine-bone china to that and you’re all set.

Wissotzky, the famous Kosher Tea brand comes with a variety of different flavours and is made in Israel. The Chest is a wonderful gift to any loved one in your life that either hosts quite often, or that simply loves tea.

6. Jewish Calligraphy Print in Gold Frame

Hamsa in Gold Frame$80.00
Buy now on Amazon.

A beautiful wedding present, this artistic Hamsa brings peace, happiness and good luck to the home it is blessed in. The Hamsa is a symbol of Gods hand and represents protection at all times.

The square 10×10 frame is very trending currently and a nice adittion to other frames in either a living room or the entrance of ones home.

7. Crystal Shabbat Candlesticks

Crystal Shabbat Candlesticks$58.50
Buy now on Amazon.

Lighting candles to welcome in the Shabbat is magical enough, but imagine igniting the wick for these crystal beauties. Ah, magical.

This is the type of gift anyone would obsess over. From little girl to great-grandma or you, why not treat yourself for once?

8. Fiddler on the Roof DVD

Fiddler on the Roof DVD$25.94
Buy now on Amazon.

Fiddler on the Roof is the most Jewish movie out there, the one that everyone knows. The classic is about tradition and how it faded as time changed, Fiddler On The Roof is a favorite among all.

Fiddler on the Roof is the perfect Jewish gift that comes along with a TV. Ha, just kidding- but that would be totally awesome as the gift receiver. Come on, why don’t you be that generous uncle you wish you had?

9. Hebrew Numbers Brushed Chrome Watch

Unisex Hebrew Watch$65.00
Buy now on Amazon.

Bet you’ve never seen a watch with Hebrew letters. This would make an awesome gift to a friend that’s just learned the Hebrew alphabet. Or a Bar Mitzvah boy or a Bat Mitzvah girl, or a proud and patriotic Israeli friend.

This watch works exactly the same as a regular watch, just with a Hebrew dial instead. It has a stainless steel mesh band, comes in a gift box and even has a 2 year warranty. It’s a winner.

10. The Big Book of Jewish Humor

The big book of Jewish Humor$24.99
Buy now on Amazon.

This absolutely hilarious book is a gift that’d look good in anyone’s home. With a collection of fantastic jokes this book is one of the most popular in its genre and even called, “the best Jewish joke book.”

Ranging between every category of story and joke you can think of, The Big Book of Jewish Humour certainly has what to offer in the humor department.

Ok, so that’s that.

Hopefully you’ve got an idea, or maybe you’ve already clicked on a link and bought your gift. Happy shopping!

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