The Top 10 Jewish Apps of 2018

We’re living in a time that the options of apps we have are endless. Android’s currently offering us 2.8 million apps and Apple’s not far behind with 2.2 million apps available for us to choose from.

We wouldn’t want you to waste your time on anything but the best. So, here we’ve compiled the Top 10 Jewish Apps for you. All apps featured are currently free.

1. KosherGPS

KosherGPS App Icon

If you’re a food lover- this is the app for you. This app offers Kosher restaurants at your fingertips. It displays the closest restaurants in your proximity- in order of what’s closest first.

KosherGPS will show you the address, phone number, website, and even how the restaurant is rated on Yelp. KosherGPS will also locate the closest Mikvahs to you, as well as the closest Minyanim/Synagogues.


Shabbatcom App Icon

Keep this app on hand for when you’d like to share a Shabbat with other fellow observers. If you’re looking for Shabbat meals or Shabbat lodging- or if you’d like to host your own guests- is the app to turn to.’s other main feature is one of the best and most successful Jewish dating apps. Once you’ve created your dating profile you can then browse through potential prospects.

This app also gives you access to share whatever is on your mind- through posting to the main feed. The app has by far the biggest online Jewish community.

3. Jewish Music Stream

Jewish Music Stream App Icon

This is absolutely the best thing to have at a click away. It’s a radio for Jewish music, with a lot of favorites and latest hits playing 24/7. It allows you to see the playlist as well as request songs. This app is much appreciated when you need music at a moment’s notice.

It’s a very simple, easy to use app- with just one main button to press; ‘play’.

4. AskTheRabbi

AskTheRabbi App Icon

Here’s a newer app that’s fabulous. We all have never ending questions we’d love to ask a Rabbi. This AskTheRabbi app will answer questions for you ranging from, “How can I be Jewish if I don’t do anything Jewish?” to, “Why do we eat round Challah on Rosh Hashana?” And it’s answered by Rabbis that have a fiery heart and soul and genuinely care about giving your mind peace, and motivating you to be the best you can be.

5. Mezuzah App

Mezuzah App Icon

A ‘mezuzah’ is a rolled up piece of parchment with Hebrew passages written by a professional Talmudic scribe. They are usually enclosed in a case- which can vary from simple plastic or paper, to very expensive and decorative. Although it may seem simple at first glance to assemble on ones doorpost; in reality there’s a lot to it.

So before you go ahead and put up your Mezuzah, check out this app. MezuzahApp will lead you – step by step in everything you need to know. From the exact blessing, to the detailed laws about where and how to place a Mezuzah, It’s simple, clear and easy to read. With this app, you will know the exact place for your Mezuzah, using your very own phone camera. Of course, it won’t leave you hanging if you have any uncertainties. All you have to do is snap a picture of your doorpost and send it in to the team of professionals who are happy to be of help and undo any confusion.

6. JewishTV

JewishTV App Icon

Exactly like its name, this app is packed with Jewish videos that nourish your Jewish soul and advance your knowledge. Enjoy your one stop source for Torah and Judaism. Read, watch, listen and discover.

JewishTV also has an offshoot app for kids called Jewish Kids Videos. It’s filled with educational and hilarious videos. Be sure to check it out for the little ones.

7. Chanukah Guide

ChanukahGuide App Icon

This year you can enjoy lighting your Menorah (the Jewish nine-branched candelabrum) with support of the latest technology. This app offers a tutorial on exactly how, when, why and where to light your Menorah.

It also offers a convenient thirty-minute timer as it’s customary to sit and enjoy the Menorah’s candlelight for 30 minutes.

8. Aleph Beis Game

AlephBeis App IconHere’s an app geared towards kids, but of course can be for anyone that is interested in learning the Aleph Bet (Hebrew Alphabet).

This app will teach the Aleph Bet in an exciting and interactive way. There’s no classroom feel, no strict teacher, or any competitive pressure. It’s just a fun game that will instill the Aleph Beis in a stress-free, informal way.

9. Shabbat & Holiday Times

Shabbat&HolidayTimes App IconThis app will supply you the exact time to light the candles and bring in the Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. The time will automatically adjust to your location- no matter where you are in the world. The app lists the time for the welcoming of the Shabbat and Holidays, as well as the time the Shabbat or Holiday will end.

It also provides quick access on the upcoming Torah reading of that Shabbat or Holiday.

10. Tefillin Guide

TeffilinGuide App IconWith this app you have access to anything Tefillin related (Tefillin are cubic black leather boxes with leather straps that Jewish men wear on their head and arm during Morning Prayer). This app is to help assist you putting on the Tefillin. It offers a mirror, a compass (to lead you in the direction of Jerusalem), a how-to tutorial, as well as the Tefillin prayers in seven languages.



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  1. All are great apps! I enjoy the Kosher gps app and use it all the time to find out about restaurants near me. Ha, you would think I would know all the places to eat by now— but there are so many here in LA!

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