Ten of the Top Jewish Novels

There’s nothing better than getting cozy with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a fantastic, riveting book in the other. Cue the rain. Ah, serenity.

Looking for that perfect book? Well, here we’ve compiled a list of ten of some of the greatest Jewish Novels out there for you.

1. The Family Y Aguillar by Marcus Lehmann

The Family Y Aguilar is one of Marcus Lehmann’s many famous classics. Uniquely written in the 1800’s, Lehman’s books’ have a European style writing that is compelling and enjoyable to read. This novel is based in the time of the Spanish Inquisition, and is a story about Jewish Heroism. So, if you haven’t read this yet (or any of his other books) – what are you waiting for?

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2. And Rachel Was His Wife by Marsi Tabak

And Rachel Was His Wife BookThe Talmudic story we all know of Rabbi Akiva comes to life in this gripping novel. As we read we experience the story from Rachel, Akiva’s wife’s perspective. We feel the real emotion that she felt when she sent him away to learn for fourteen long years. And Rachel Was His Wife is written in a descriptive and fascinating way that brings history to life to make us feel as though we are living through it with her. In conclusion, yes, it sure seems like a great read.

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3. Short Changed by Etka Gitel Schwartz

Short Changed- BookIn this beautifully written piece we get a glimpse into the Rosen family, a somewhat typical family, in the time period of the Great Depression. We get a chance to understand how hard it was for the Orthodox Jews to keep their faith as they moved to America from Russia. Short Changed is a great book that is actually in fact a favorite among many.

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4. Sun Inside Rain by M. Bassara

Sun Inside Rain- Book

This bestseller transports us to South Africa in the dark era of apartheid. In this story you’ll find yourself covering all emotions you didn’t know you could feel. It ranges from heartbroken, to hopeful, and then eventually, completely uplifting. In other words, explore this novel to read about how brave people follow their Jewish heart to pursue their dreams.

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5. Serina by Ruti Tanenwald

Serina -Book

Serina is about a girl that gets kidnapped by her Polish maid and forced into the hands of Felician nuns wanting to destroy her past and recreate her into a devout Catholic. It is a haunting novel with raw emotion and real tragedy.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine that this book was actually based on a true story. Most importantly, while this book may seem like it’s geared towards those that like horror stories, overall we think just about everyone will enjoy.

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6. The Gilded Cage: Queen Esther’s Untold Story by Sorele Brownstien

The Gilded Cage- Book

You think you know the Purim Story? Well, you can bet you’ve never heard it with its every fascinating detail like this book writes. The Gilded Cage brings you along on the adventure of Queen Esther in the Persian Empire. It’s incredible plot will have you hanging off your seat- and won’t let you put your book down. Enjoy, we know you will.

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7. The Freedom To Be by Chaya David

The Freedom To Be- Book

The Freedom To Be is a fantastic book about two Jewish boys going through major life challenges. They struggle from drug abuse to freedom. A very powerful read that everyone finds relatable and thrilling. At last there’s a Jewish book on the market about real life and drug abuse. We think you’d enjoy this read because we sure did.

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8. Every Man A Slave by Sender Zeyv

If you like historical fiction like we do, you’re gonna love this one. Sender Zeyv bases his book in the early 19th century about a master and his slave. This book will change your perspective about Blacks and Jews.

Generally speaking, Every Man A Slave is a captivating story that you will be glued to. So, make sure you have a good amount of time before you start reading. In addition, now available is also his sequel, which is just as good, Gone West. All in all, we love this book and hope you will too.

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9. Brushstrokes by Gary Levine

Brushstrokes- Book

Brushstrokes captures the life of a boy, Paul, who was raised by his father, a holocaust survivor. With his father being an atheist, Paul struggles with the concept of understanding that there’s a God. As a result of reading this masterpiece it will have you wondering about the world, and mostly about the Creator of the world.

Unfortunately as of now Brushstrokes is completely sold out online. Try your local Jewish book store or library.

10. A Stranger To My Brothers by Henye Meyer

A STranger To My Brothers- Book

Henye Meyer has a way with words. She writes in an incredibly witty way about a teenage boy with an attitude. Martin doesn’t know of his past, he only knows that he is Jewish. He’s not impressed. This book is rich in history with its vivid descriptions of Vikings, Crusaders, and Constantinople. In fact, besides Martin disregarding responsibility, you’ll read about one difficulty after another as Martin fails at community expectations, and finally even manages to alienate his neighbors. Evidently, as you can tell, A Stranger To My Brothers is a book where you can actually see the character development in the protagonist, Martin.

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