The Absolute TOP Kosher Cookbook MUST-HAVES

It’s old news that Jewish cooking means goodness. There’s something special about eating Kosher, with the food extra cleaned and checked and loved.

The hot challah coming out of the oven, or the steaming chicken soup off the stove- or better yet, the warm blueberry streusel that your mother always makes, mmm.

Here we bring to you the TOP KOSHER COOKBOOKS that are filled with food for the soul. The Kosher cookbooks that are absolute hits, the cookbooks that are gorgeous and you’ll want to keep on display or give as a gift to a close friend or loved one. The type that you’ll use again and again and again.  And again. But probably that’s all because by then hopefully, you’ll know the recipe by heart. And the pages are probably floury by then anyways.

So, without further ado, let’s introduce them.

1. Kosher By Design: Short On Time

Kosher by Design

Susie Fishbein is famous for her series of Kosher By Design cookbooks. All 9 in the series are equally as best-selling.
We choose her second last cookbook Short On Time for you because of it’s novelty.

Just got home from work and have hungry kids? Susie compiled a whole cookbook full of recipes that are for when you’re short on time.
Fishbein is published by Artscroll.

To purchase Kosher by Design: Short On Time click here.

2. The Bais Yaakov Cookbook

Bais Yaakov Cookbook

The Bais Yaakov Cookbook is a much loved cookbook, named as a tribute for the Bais Yaakov movement, which you can read all about at the front of the cookbook and see beautiful pictures and rich history.

This cookbook is an amazing collection of recipes from old-time house-wives. It is compiled of recipes that are tried and true and, most importantly, leave a crowd wowed.

The recipes are all quite easy to follow for a new home cook, and are also greatly appreciated by the experienced chefs.

Also added into the cookbook is a very well done Halachic Guide to cooking in the kitchen. And of course we can’t forget the much wanted Challah recipe of Rebbetzin Kanievsky that’s included.

To purchase The Bais Yaakov Cookbook click here.

Or, to purchase The Second Bais Yaakov Cookbook, that just recently got released click here.

3. Real Life Kosher Cooking

Real Life Kosher Cooking

Yes, that’s right. The author of the famous food blog actually published a cookbook- and then a second! We’d all been impatiently awaiting this. And thankfully, her cookbooks are just as fantastic as we’d hoped.

Just like its title, Real Life Kosher Cooking contains winning recipes for the every day life and occasions- for life you live.

Miriam Pascal, the author, makes sure to use easy to find, accessible ingredients in her recipes, ingredients that are very likely to already be in a home pantry. She also incorporates useful freezer tips for each recipe allowing you to plan ahead.

To purchase Real Life Kosher Cooking click here.

To purchase Miriam’s other cookbook Something Sweet click here.

4. Secrets of Skinny Cooking

Secrets of Skinny Cooking

Mouth watering recipes you won’t believe are low-calorie. Honestly. If you’re about to go on a diet, the same one you tried to do last month- don’t hesitate, because this time around, once you have the Secrets of Skinny Cooking, it’ll be a whole lot better.

This cookbook will let you enjoy your favorite meal- and still be on a diet. Oh yeah, sounds good.

The recipes and pictures are very clear, easy to read and beautiful. Each recipe covers the nutritional information of the dish as well as adding advice and motivation.

Secrets of Skinny Cooking ranges from salads to filling mains, and even sweet treats- all types of recipes.

To purchase Secrets of Skinny Cooking click here.

5. Rising: The Book of Challah

Rising The Book of Challah

This is a cookbook every woman should own. Not only does it give you the physical aspects of challah, but it explains the spiritual side of challah as well. How to be a Jewish woman in todays world, a nurturer, and a carer. It is filled with inspiration and stories and give a rise not just to your challah but you as well.

Rochie Pinson shares her own fool-proof amazing challah recipe as well as recipes for any kind of challah you might want- gluten free, vegan, sour dough, spelt… and more. She also shares meditations, helpful tips, explanations and braiding techniques.

The pictures are beyond gorgeous, and it seems to be as of 2018 the best-selling book of Challah on the market.

To purchase Rising: The Book of Challah click here.

6. Secret Restaurant Recipes

Secret Restaurant Recipes

Now this. This cookbook brings us the best recipes from our favorite restaurants. That’s right, we get to make it ourselves at home.

The recipes come with tips and techniques from the chefs, a feature on the chefs, about their background, why and how they started their restaurant, as well as gorgeous pictures.

Secret Restaurant Recipes tours Kosher restaurants world-wide and hand-picks the favorite of all the dishes that restaurant is known for. What could be better?

This is the type of recipe-book your Jewish foodie friends will squeal over. Enjoy!

To purchase Secret Restaurant Recipes click here.

7. Our Table

Our Table

Renee Miller, food-stylist and recipe columnist, gives us this cookbook which is a home MUST-HAVE. Renee shares with us delicious recipes from her own family table.

With great, clear and do-able recipes this cook-book isn’t just for the kitchen, you’d enjoy reading it on the couch too!

This cookbook is very family friendly and will become a staple in your home with how convenient the recipes are. Oh, and be sure to check out the marble cake, because that is a serious prize.

To purchase Our Table click here.

8. Joy of Kosher

Joy of KosherJamie Geller, or “the Jewish Rachael Ray”, as the New York Times dubbed her, is one of the most renowned Jewish chefs.

This cookbook is fantastic for a new home-cook that wants to learn how to cook. Oh, and learn they will. The recipes are easy to follow and come out absolutely great. With a vast selection of recipes to choose from, you won’t get bored.

To purchase Joy of Kosher click here.

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